pieces of life (March)...

Here is the latest installment in our monthly book club, 'Pieces of Life'...  We've got both St. Patrick's Day and Easter this time around! 

Remember, the book paper you see is simply used as photo mats throughout our book.

For this insert, I cut out the 'window' and stitched the whole piece to a bingo card (it's on the backside) so that I'd have a photo pocket open on the top. I think it's my favorite page so far out of all the months!
The facing page has a basket image that is only glued down on the top and bottom so that the shipping tag can easily slide in and out.
The bingo card on the back...
has a beautiful shamrock image added to it.
This last spread is so blurry you can barely make out what it looks like! Sorry- really bad photographer!!
The bunny postcard is just so darling!

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Sugar Lump Studios said...

Just gorgeous! what lovely details you have incorporated into each page. It looks like it came from Grandma's antique trunk. So special.
Thank you for the kind words on my blog! :)


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