so happy...

Here's a 12"x12" collage piece that I made... the challenge was to create something that represented moi. This one is filled with things I love.
I never work in this size... it's just so... intimidating. I don't know- all that empty space just kind of scares me! Once I discovered that if I can think of it as a series of little collages, it's a piece of cake to fill.
I've had a stack of Maya Road 'naked' chipboard dress form shapes for years- one of them worked perfectly for a page torn from a thrifted cookbook. And what's even more perfect is the fact that I make chicken stock pretty much weekly!
I'm all about the banner, so of course had to include one on this piece. And a bird. Everything I make has a bird. Bingo cards feel lucky to me. Shipping tags and buttons give a texture I adore. Ledger paper and sheet music are always a "must have" for any project I do.
Stitching is fun. I've loved to sew since I was a child- my grandma taught me when I was about five. I even made my wedding dress! 
The busy bee just made me happy- especially once I added all that sparkle to his wings.
A charming domestic goddess or two don't hurt either! Wish I had a couple of them that came to clean my house each week.
Always, always find time to create. Even if it's just a little time, even if it's just a little project- do it. I promise, it'll make you feel good!



fairyrocks said...

You knocked this one out of the park. Gorgeous 12 x 12 work. Keep smiling and creating

smokeysmom said...

This is so you, Terri - love it!

Uniquely Ella said...

Love thise piece, it's a work of art. You used all the comp that I love. Vintage retro, love it.

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