lookin' like a party...

Always in the mood for a piece of cake, today's project really hit the spot for me!
No, I didn't actually get to eat any, but... this was almost as good.
Target had the cutest little cupcake stands in their Dollar Spot so I picked up a couple. It was just the right size to stack a pair of paper mache boxes on top to make a 'cake'...

I covered the boxes with patterned paper and glued the small box on top of the larger one. They both still open up so if you wanted to slip a tiny something inside you could.
The fabulous bunting circling the cake layers is made up of something you might not have expected- I used the Shortie Tabs die set from Tammy Tutterow! Cut from lots of bright colors and gently inked with Distress Ink they were the perfect size for the larger bottom layer; I snipped off about 1/4" to make them fit the shorter top layer.
I slipped a die cut doily underneath the stack and a gold button on top. Of course, no project feels complete without some sparkly chenille stem and this gold/silver twist was perfect... 

That's all it took to make a dull stack of paper mache look like a party!


lucky 22...

Today's share is not a new idea but it's one I find myself returning to again and again.
Pattern tissue flowers. 
They're the perfect embellishment every time.
For these I used the Floweret Posies die from Tammy Tutterow and some old pattern tissue. Whenever I'm at a thrift store I grab up the old patterns so I've always got a stash of tissue. 
A single staple in the center holds it together, a little fluffing of the layers makes the flower come alive.
For this one I used a bingo chit with the number 22... because my baby girl turned 22 over the weekend! 
I don't know where the years have gone but I can't wait to see where they're headed...


suck it up, buttercup...

This saying has always cracked me up. I don't know quite why, it just does.
When I got my first glimpse at this stamp from Tammy Tutterow I immediately knew what I was going to make.
First thing I needed was a good background. These flat canvas boards make awesome bases. Paint is smeared on with fingers, dabbed at with baby wipes, splattered on... with a final wash of gesso covering all. I often think of gesso as the 'miracle worker' for collage- it softens and blends and mellows everything. Every time.
To create an all-over background I needed a stamp. This script stamp is great because not only is it the perfect size to make a card with just a single stamp, but it works well to create a larger size by simply stamping multiple times. I am completely in love with it's name- Dear Ruby.
I couldn't find my largest acrylic block (OK, in reality I was just too lazy to go look) BUT I had my Spellbinders die cut machine sitting right next to me so.... I used one of the clear plates from it to stamp with. It worked great!
With a combination of flowers fussy-cut from some paper, a few butterflies and a very pouty Little Miss I was on a roll.
This was probably one of the quickest collage pieces I've put together in a long time and the 'suck it up, buttercup' stamp was just the cherry on top! Stamped with archival ink onto a piece of tissue paper, matte medium brushed over the canvas perfectly blends the image with the background.
 Suck it up, Buttercup!



what color is your happy?

Everyone has a color that makes them happy. 
What color is yours?
Usually mine is red. I love anything that comes in red. Or that cool, vintage-vibe 50's blue. And black, definitely black. I know people say black doesn't count but I love it- everything really "pops" with an accent of black!
This stamp evokes happiness with the little burst of bloom accenting the text. Tammy Tutterow has such a great style- I smile whenever I look at her work. It's whimsical and yes, happy!

Using the stamp as my starting point it didn't take long to put together some colorful layers to make a card. The little birdie insisted on being part of it!
Oh- and today I'm kind of feeling a whole "rainbow" of happy... The Daughter just found out that she got accepted into grad school!
Happy, happy, HAPPY!


be an original...

'If you want to be original, be yourself. God never made two people exactly alike!'
I really love to work on tags. They're a great size for using up all the little bits you've been saving. You know what I'm talking about, right? Those last little inches of trim you just couldn't toss, the odd piece of paper ephemera, a broken earring or scrap of ribbon. Too pretty to toss but too small to use for something, right? Wrong!
It's hard to believe a plain old piece of manilla tag could be made so beautiful just by running it through a die cutting machine with an embossing folder but it's so easy and oh, so pretty. Every time.  
I used the Rose Tablecloth embossing folder from Tammy Tutterow and some Nuvo Embellishing Mousse from Tonic; the mousse is a great texture- it just glides on with your fingertip. I LOVE how it highlights the embossed design here.
One of the little scraps I can never throw away are the tiny strips from the edge of Authentique paper. I love those quotes- I've been know to dive into the trash can when scrapping with friends if they carelessly tossed those edges... what were they thinking??? 
Sequins are a bit of a recent discovery for me- of course I've used them for crafting but when looking for a "flat-ish" embellishment for art journaling they had just the right amount of flash.
Lastly, these velvet leaves made great wings for my girl. I think she looks pretty original!

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