Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day!
Time for barbeques and family, sunshine and lemonade plus a little red, white & blue...
I've begun to update my Etsy shop to include kits for most of the classes I teach.
Come take a peek if you'd like! 
Who knows, there just might be something you need...!



teaching on tuesday...

Almost every Tuesday I teach a class at Scrapbook Island. I've met some of the most wonderful people there and every new class is an exciting opportunity to make another friend.

Tonight we're making a 'Retro Recipe Book'.

Full of great images and TONS of room for recipe cards...
Maybe I'll see you there! 

If not, don't worry... I'll share more of this later in the week and there will be a link to purchase a kit.



taking it all in...

It's here! It's finally heeeeere!!!

Yeah, well OK... I realize that I'm actually the only one that was waiting, but still- I want to shout it from the rooftops! 

I bought a few copies at my local Barnes&Noble and settled in with a cup of tea and croissant. 
Yes, yes, yes and yes...
Yes, I drink tea out of a big ol' ass cup. Pretty little dainty ones aren't for me. 
Yes, there is a straw in it. I drink everything with a straw. Well, except for wine. Wine doesn't need a straw.
Yes, there are TWO croissants there on the plate. 'Cause I'm celebrating, that's why!
And YES... that Halloween banner there is MINE!!!

I have 18 pages (EIGHTEEN, people!) in a beautiful magazine. I can die a happy woman.

And now back to your regular programming.



let's hear it for the boys...

Popping in today to share another card...
Just look at these guys! What hunks. They're not afraid of a little flower border.




sunny side up...

I am in love... with chickens!
This photo of a sweet farm girl holding her beautiful chicken was sitting on my worktable just begging to be used in something.
As I was cleaning up my mess from the day's work I happened to spy a piece of dictionary page hiding under the table. Wow. Talk about inspiration!!
The feather was scrap from another project and tucked into my inspiration bucket (I'll have to tell you about my 'bucket' one of these days...!)
Sometimes things are just meant to be.

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