share the love...

It's always nice to share. Especially if it's chocolate!
 I ran across some darling bags the other day- white with big gold foil polka dots! I couldn't pass them up even though I had no plan for them at that moment.
Turns out they were the perfect size to slip a chocolate bar into. I know! Just like it was meant to be, right?
I've had a basket of Valentine goodies sitting on my worktable, waiting for some inspiration... 
I pulled out a few things and attached them to the bag. The perfect accent on top of the bow? It's a plastic ring from the dollar store! Just a few snips to remove the 'ring' portion from the heart and it was ready to go.

Share the love with someone today!



just getting started...

Valentine projects are just getting started! Since I love hearts so much, I could probably work on this stuff for months on end.
For this one, I grabbed a few of my new Tonic dies and got to work cutting metal. Yep, metal. I wanted something that would be flexible so that the design could wrap around the paper mache hearts I'd chalk painted.
It worked great!! One thing I noticed was that if I didn't remove the pieces after the metal was cut with the die- it looked like tooled silver. That made me love it even more! (OK, maybe it's because I love sterling silver... I wear 21 sterling bangles on my left arm. Not kidding. You oughta see me try to get through security at an airport. It's not pretty.)
This lacy die cut easily wrapped around the heart. 
Well, like I said- I'm just getting started. I've still got four more hearts to play with!



on the lookout...

 Whenever I'm out and about I keep my eyes open  for anything that can be turned into something  fun.
 These paper mache hearts fit the bill! 
 I got home, grabbed some chalk paint and the ideas started coming. Paper mache is a great jumping off point for me- it's sturdy, paintable,  inkable, alterable. You can't ask for more than that in my book.
 I'll share the finished project tomorrow...



be mine...

 It's February and you know what that means... lots of red & pink, sparkles & hearts. LOVE.
 I taught a class over the weekend and I've got a couple kits left to make this Valentine configuration box-
 Beautiful swans, vintage images and the cutest little cupid you've ever seen!
 If you're interested, check out the listing here on  Etsy. 
Be mine.



spring fling...

My project is finished- and ready for me to share with you!
It's filled with spring colors and some gorgeous gold mirror cardstock. Seriously, I'm not sure I can get enough of that stuff.
This is the main die set I chose to use and it was such fun to play with.
Each section was built with chipboard, patterned paper and a lot of layers! 
The "frames" were cut out, then built up with chipboard and copies of vintage images. While playing around with the pieces I thought the center of the die looked like an egg when it was upside down so I tucked some little chicks into it!
At the corners of the frames, I chose to leave in the pieces that would normally have been pulled out to give the whole thing more detail.
To fill the space between the layers I tucked in some gold chenille stem.
The top border was built up with layers of gold mirror cardstock layered on top of watercolor paper. It ended up being really sturdy.
Of course the back of your project should always be finished... trusty sheet music to the ready!
The whole thing was tied together with crinkled seam binding.
Spring is just around the corner!


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