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Tired of the same old Valentine card? How about a vintage-inspired configuration box!
I taught this class over the weekend and it was a lot of fun to put together...
Lots of Valentine love and sparkly red chenille stems- plus hearts, hearts and more hearts!
Isn't this cupid the most darling thing ever?
If you're interested, kits are available here.



sweet things...

Do you remember those darling Valentines from your childhood? They came in a mixed box and you had to decide which one would go to each classmate... and there was always a special boy that would get the cutest one in the box, painstakingly signed with your very best signature!
This year I created a Valentine "advent" so that you could enjoy fourteen days of love instead of just one!
I taught it this past Saturday at Scrapbook Territory in Berkeley... (check out that gorgeous wall of trim behind the table!)
We had such a great time reminiscing about those special days filled with boxes of conversation hearts and tiny wrapped candies tucked into those highly embellished cereal boxes that we crafted in class that week! 
It's always nice to get a Valentine from someone special!



if the crown fits...

Lately I've had an obsession with crowns!
Don't ask me why... they've just got my full attention.
I thought I'd make a few to scatter around with my Winter decorations.
Most important tool when creating something new? Paper, of course! Cheap copy paper or a sheet ripped right out of your notebook- it can't be beat. It's plentiful and no matter if it takes 1 sheet or a dozen to create a pattern, you just crumple up and throw away the mistakes! 
Once I had a pattern, I gathered up anything that looked like it might work...
It only took small pieces of printed paper and little snips of trim...
I was really excited to use the metal filigree piece that had been in a drawer for the last couple years. It finally had a job to do!
Not in the mood for a lot of frill? How about this tiny guy? Made with the smallest scrap of paper, it was embellished with just a piece of chenille stem, some buttons and chunky glitter.

If the crown fits...



snow play...

I've always thought it must be pretty cool to live somewhere that you can go sledding- it looks like such fun! (yeah, yeah, there is snow in California but not where I live)...
Here's a folding set of panels (a "triptych") with a snow play theme... 
I love the beaded pearl & crystal garland- it was perfect for an icy feel!
My friend gave me this piece of yardage that is made up of a gazillion silver sequins all stitched onto it in a swirling pattern... it's amazing when it catches the sunshine. I've got it scrunched up underneath my triptych on the mantel.
You can never have too much glitter. I always say that but it's true when it comes to snowflakes. Wouldn't you love to see it snow silver snowflakes? Yeah, me too!



snow queen...

This time of year is wonderful- it's bright and fresh and new. I like the sparkle and shine of it all.
Since I have lost most of the images to my blog, I'll be taking new photos and adding them throughout the year as boxes of holiday decor are unpacked. If you've seen them before, my apologies- I couldn't think of any other way to add them back in!
Glittery snowflakes and a beautiful vintage image were the inspiration for this piece of framed art. 
Platinum Stickles, mica flakes and a little machine stitching... vintage lace scrap and scrabble-style letters to spell out her title, all layered over the top of a Jenni Bowlin bingo card.
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