oh happy day...

A couple days ago this arrived in my mailbox...
WooHOOO! The fall issue of Stampington Publications 'Holidays & Celebrations'...
I peeked inside and found this! My Easter Greetings banner. Wow- their photos make it look like it jumps off the page. If only I could get them to take all the photos for my kits. **sigh**
I knew about the Easter banner because I wrote the article that accompanies it but... I didn't know about this- The 'Miss Liberty' slipper was included in this issue too! No article, but some basic instructions.

Happy day! 



double take...

It's fun to take something that you'd normally throw out and turn it into something you love. This project wasn't actually from the trash bin but it was close. It began with a binder in the sale bin at Michael's... for $2!!!
A Paula Deen cookbook, to be exact. I grabbed a few, thinking they'd be fun to play with.
First thing I did was rough-up the surface, thinking it would help everything stick. I used sandpaper AND a sanding block to get through the plastic-like coating on the binder. Believe me- I sanded. And sanded. And then sanded some more. 

Really never got the paint to fully cover (or stick) but... sometimes the Crafting God is feeling benevolent and it actually turned out looking perfect. Kind of distressed, almost like I'd planned it that way...
Vintage sheet music found it's way onto the interior. Luckily my liquid adhesive worked just beautifully. Thank you Beacon 3-in-1. We've got a lifetime love affair that WILL NEVER END.
See inside where the paint wouldn't really stick? Doesn't it look super cool???
For the cover, I used things that were in my collage bucket. Love that bird image so much. I have a few in my arsenal that get used over and over. In fact, I'll share another project later this week that used the very same bird but with a whole different look.

The Daughter and I always save our fortunes and throw away the cookie. You just never know when that little strip of paper will be your source of inspiration!
This binder holds all my information for current classes I'm teaching. I reach for it nearly every day and each time I do it makes me happy.

Next time you're out & about, take a second look at something and think about what you might be able to do with it. You just might be pleasantly surprised!



yum... roasted veggie quesadillas...

Today's assignment: roast vegetables. 
Yes, roast them. In the oven with olive oil and some sea salt. You'll thank me.

Roasted veggies are a staple in our house- they're wonderful hot from the oven or at room temperature. 

Use any vegetable you like- the more, the better. And if you've got some left over from the day before- make a quesadilla. Trust me on this. They're wonderful!

A little cheese, some chopped veggies (I used red & yellow bell peppers, onion, zucchini). 




In summer, for me early morning is the most peaceful time to be up. With a cup of tea in hand, it's lovely to sit and listen to the birds sing.
This framed piece was really made with scraps from other projects... sometimes they're the best way to piece a project together. They just seem to know what they want to become.
And let's face it, I'm a sucker for anything in a dollar store frame that's been painted white.
Grab yourself a cup of tea and listen to your heart sing today!



yum... 7up biscuits...

For some reason, I really wanted biscuits yesterday morning. I'm not really a great biscuit-maker, but I definitely didn't want any of those 'pop-out-of-the-can' biscuits. No, I wanted them hot, smothered with honey and a big ol' cup of tea.

It did require that I run to the grocery store because I didn't have ANY of the ingredients to make these, but hey- there are only 3 things to buy. Yep, 3 ingredients. Can't beat that for simple!

7up Biscuits

3 cups self-rising flour
1 cup heavy whipping cream
1 cup 7up or Sprite (it can be diet soda)

Combine ingredients and turn out onto a floured board. Knead in more flour until dough is no longer sticky. Pat out to 1" thick and cut with floured biscuit or cookie cutter. Place biscuits, gently touching, on a parchment-lined baking sheet and bake at 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes.

If you want a sweeter biscuit like I did, add 1/2 cup sugar to dough mixture; sprinkle a little over top of biscuits before baking.
Mmmm. I'm happy.

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