found relatives...

Look at little baby Cedric. He's so cute with his witch hat and magic wand.
Here's the entire family! 
I had a great time making this folding 'screen'... with bingo cards, vintage-looking frames and spooky relatives. What else could you ask for?

I know the secret to that question.  




Esmerelda was quite the vision in her pumpkin-stripe taffeta with the rhinestone buttons. Making her ensemble even more stunning was the sparkling black hat and tulle-trimmed umbrella...
I tried my hand at playing with watercolor pencils on this black & white image. What fun they are!
 Last year in the after-Halloween clearance section of Michael's I found these little stripey paper umbrellas. No idea what I'd use them for but for 99 cents, why not?
Stuffed with a little glittered tulle, it was the perfect accessory! I tucked the entire thing into a Dollar Store black frame, done and DONE!
She's all dressed up and waiting for that perfect gentleman to ask her to dance.



'tis the season... pumpkin season...

So I was looking on Pinterest the other night and I found these Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies from Sally's Baking Addiction. For days they called to me to bake them.
Today was THE day!
I love pumpkin. In anything. Especially cookies.

The Daughter was home from school for the weekend and we both agreed these were going to be too dangerous to have sitting around.
Our solution? Pack them all up into cute little stacks and she would deliver them to friends when she got back to school.
Oops. Looks like one got away!




There is a special friend of mine that generously- and seemingly tirelessly- takes the time to help me whenever I am in need. He's a walking guide to where you can find supplies for crafting, sewing, art making, just about anything you can think of. And what makes him even more special is the fact that he often will pick those items up for me while he's out on his runs. 

When I saw this image that Land of Nod was sharing I fell in love with those blue eyes. (The Husband has blue eyes too. But that's another story.)
Doesn't everyone wish they had a friend like that? Thanks Mark. You're the best.



witchy banner...

Halloween decorating is so much fun- I just LOVE the colors of the season.

Of course I had to make a banner... I mean, I make a banner every single month. Banners are everywhere in my house- doors, mirrors, windows, cabinets. You name it. If I can stick a Command Adhesive removable hook on it, it's probably got a banner on it!
They don't call me Banner Girl for nothing.

If you'd like to make one too, check out the kit here.

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