wild ride...

September is almost gone. It's been a crazy month filled with 8 classes, 2 retreats, prepping 150+ kits, 4 sets of store samples and getting ready for a Fall boutique... 
It was a wild ride. It has turned my studio absolutely upside down. It may even have left a few scars. But it was FANTASTIC!!! I'm getting to do what I love and share it with others. 
I wouldn't trade this life for anything. 
Except possible a new intern. Sock Monkey just thinks it all play, all the time... but he works for bananas so I really can't complain ;-)




I'm off to spend the weekend teaching at a retreat... and their theme is Hawaii! 
The hostess requested an island-themed travel book and that's just what they're going to get...
Tons of vintage images, lots of color and luxurious trims. I hope they enjoy themselves- I know I'm going to. Lots of friends, lots of laughter, lots of fun.




'Listen to your heart. It knows everything.'               ~Paulo Coelho
I know it seems like all I ever use are bird images! I swear, I do collect other things but so often the little winged creatures are just what I'm looking for when I put something together.
There was an old piece of sheet music in a book I found and it was titled 'the fairy wedding'. So sweet! Even though almost all the music notes ended up being covered, I still used it as the base for my collage. The bird is cut from a sheet of printed scrapbook paper, the key is a Tim Holtz embellishment. There is machine stitching around the outside edge of the cardstock and some stamped pieces of scalloped trim.
The flowers are made from circles of paper, spiral cut and rolled up. It's a really fun (and super easy) way to make an embellishment with dimension. 
The little brass corners are OLD. I've probably had the bunch of them for 15 years! They make a nice finish once in awhile when I remember that I've got them. I really like the color of the silk ribbon at the bottom- it kind of changes from gold to orange as the light catches it.
Sometimes you just have to listen to where a project wants to go... it knows where it wants to take you.



lucky one...

Bruce Springsteen said "When it comes to luck, you make your own." 
Yeah, I'm pretty sure he's right. I mean, every day feels like a lucky day to me. 
Here's #2 in the series of framed bird collages. With a bingo card and a beautiful bird image, how could you not be lucky?? 
The more layered a design, the better I like it. I used a purchased tag and die cut borders, plus a tiny little snip of lace trim. It really doesn't take much to put together a collage- just play until you like the mix of layers. This one really benefited by the Stickles color 'Ruby Red Slippers'... especially loving the sparkle it has on the berries.
Have yourself a lucky day!




Yes- I DO adore this bird image! That's how it found it's way into yet another project...
I made a series of 3 bird-themed collages to hang in my guest bathroom. I bought all the frames at a dollar store, spray painted them with Rustoleum's Heirloom White and they're perfect for the project.
A base of vintage dictionary pages, layered with bingo cards and bird images, each one is slightly different.
If you like this one, stay tuned and I'll share the other two in my next blog posts!
For now, I'll just adore this little birdie.

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