ringing in the year... now? seriously?

Yes, it's the end of March. Yes, everyone realizes the new year began months ago... 
But I'm finally getting around to sharing some of the pages that have been sitting on my desk! This is the cover page for this year's TN insert.

This embossed silver paper has been in my stash for oh, so very long. It's just beautiful and yet I've never dipped into the pack of 50 sheets. 
Yeah, you read that right. Fifty. Five zero. Since I teach classes and make kits I have this awful fear of 'not having enough' so I buy way too much of every paper I find. 

Just in case inspiration strikes.
I hope to continue this year the same way this gypsy girl is dancing into 2019...



best friends forever...

Shipping tags can be plain and utilitarian- or dressed to the nines with a little embellishing.
These two look like they're wearing their finest...
Even though they might also be up to no good.

...of course, no girl can resist a little extra bling...



autumn splendor left behind...

 Still working on catching up some of my TN layouts from 2018 (hey, better late than never).
I found more than a few autumn-hued beauties to fussy cut and layer on my pages... copies of postcards, LOTS of florals, some gingham washi tape. 
Old-school photo corners in colors to embellish the waterfall of photos...
A strip of lace along the edge of an extra page tucked between...
Sparkles and stitching would wrap it all up. 

I love the colors of fall and working on this spread brought to life the beauty we enjoyed back in November.



traveler's notebooks on parade...

I love traveler's notebooks. For the last 5 or 6 years I have been completely smitten with them- in all sizes and shapes. In fact, I have assembled a rather large collection of them. And they sat completely empty until last year.

I finally decided they weren't going to miraculously fill themselves so I began working on my first one to use as a kind of 'scrapbook' for myself. Funny thing, as much as I love to spend time in a scrapbook store, with scrapbookers- I am NOT a scrapbooker. Nope, I like my projects  too layered, too overblown, too chunky. My motto is: 'when in doubt, add that extra layer!'
That doesn't work well for a scrapbook page.

Or... so I thought...
Why couldn't I use a TN for my own style of memory keeping? 

As long as I keep things flat (the BIGGEST struggle ever!!!) everything is hunky dory.

I can add as many flat layers as I want, embellishing with lots of stitching and sequins and sparkle. 
 An entire world opened up at that point and I haven't looked back.
Waterfalls are my favorite way to get a lot of photos onto a single page and I'm always looking for clever ways to assist in lifting up the top photo. This tiny embroidered flower cluster was perfect!
It's impossible to complete any project without a bit of stitching a some sparkle. And it's all perfectly flat. 

If you're new to the TN party, don't feel bad- just get out there and try it!



taking time to play...

I've been stealing every moment I can to play in my studio- and I'm feeling soooo very happy!

...And today I didn't make a single tag. haha
I used a copy of a vintage greeting card (I always use copies, never the original), a scrap of delicate lace and some Old School photo corners. Those are fun for me.
A dig through one of the many button jars found these pretties. I always make sure to actually stitch some thread through the holes- otherwise it drives me bonkers when I look at them. Weird, I know.
The lightest touch of silver Stickles to accent was all it needed to be complete.
Have a wonderful weekend- and please take some time to play!

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