salted caramel icebox pie...

oh my.
I have a recipe that just HAS to be shared. Perusing Pinterest over the weekend, I ran across this fantastic recipe from Bake Or Break. Seriously, if you haven't checked out her site before- I'm just warning you... it's heavenly. Everything she makes is fabulous.

Since we were going to have dinner with friends tonight and it is just too damn hot to cook I thought this pie would be perfect.
I mean, really, how can you possibly go wrong when you begin with caramel sauce and heavy whipping cream?
and a chocolate cookie crust!
OK, so I forgot that the crust had to be baked- but it was only for 10 minutes so the kitchen didn't heat up too much...
 Looking good so far...
AND we're folding in the salted caramel topping before putting it all in the cooled crust and letting it sit in the refrigerator till tonight... 
Whoops. I totally forgot to take a photo of the finished pie before it went into the fridge. 
And then I forgot to take one before we ate it. ALL.

This was the only bite left and I am sharing it with you!
You've gotta make this pie.



stickles love...

Truly. Stickles love... 
A few years ago you couldn't have convinced me that I'd be using glitter on everything I make. EVERYTHING. Didn't think I was that type of glittery-girly girl but, oh how wrong I was! 
I am asked at every class I teach- 'what color Stickles did you use on this?'  I stumble and stammer while trying to explain that I have, uh, a slight problem with the sparkly stuff. If people knew that I had this many bottles they'd think I was nuts. Maybe.
So an organization system is definitely needed here to coral all that glittery goodness. The bulk of my creative supplies is stored in those white 'cubes' that are part of the system that M's sells. Originally I had half a drawer set up for the tiny bottles but they were multiplying quicker than bunnies and eventually I was opening the drawer, dumping the new bottles in and desperately trying to close the drawer.
Last week I finally took the time to sit down and add more dividers to completely fill the drawer. It's easy to do- chipboard strips cut to the length/width of the drawer (it's a square) and I cut "notches" halfway up along one side of each strip. Next I nestled them one right on top of another until the entire drawer was done.
I also make a small sample circle of each color on white cardstock, cut out with a circle punch, and then glue it onto the bottom of the bottle. This keeps me from constantly having to pull the bottles out to see colors.

Oh yeah- did you notice that they're all upside down? Well if you didn't already know... it keeps the air bubbles out so that when you use them it eliminates the stupid 'blobs' that spurt out and ruin a project.
Now ya know.



be free...

Happy fourth! 
Just a quick pop-in to share a patriotic tag I made last week...
She was so much fun to work on- I love a red/white/blue combo so it wasn't hard to find things to use. The tag actually has a purpose too... but you'll have to wait to find out what it is!

Hooray for the red, white and blue!



hooray for the red, white & blue...

Every year I teach a new patriotic banner. This year I fell in love with the barn-star die and just HAD to use it somewhere!
You can't beat red, white & blue for a mix of colors- it looks great every time.
Here's the barn star up close (and blurry!)...
I LOVE the dimension!
Unfortunately, this photo doesn't show the layers of the vintage image but trust me, she is and she's covered with sparkle.
The red star crystals were perfect for the bottom of the points!

If anyone is interested, kits are available here...
(along with more photos)



I do...

Summertime is wedding time. Time for all things romantic and pretty. Something old, something new...
 I'm embarrassed to say- I've never made my own wedding album! It's not like I'm a newlywed or anything... I've been married more than 30 years.
What I was always waiting for was some spark of inspiration. I wanted 'vintage' but never quite connected with anything.
Until now!
This project began as a class- and turned out to be much more. I decided to use photos from my ever-growing stash of vintage wedding pics in addition to leaving room for people to include additional photos of their own.
The cover is a Tim Holtz binder that is now gussied up with platinum Stickles, a label plate and my favorite bird EVER. Tons of trim & goodies that I'd been saving forever found it's way into this one...
I wish I could have added another 20 pages to this book- it was so much fun to make.
Eventually I will have kits for this one but for now I just thought I'd share a peek!

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