birthday bingo...

I couldn't wait to use the Admiral Arch die on a card after I found this old button in my button jar (which is, by the way, a treasure trove that never disappoints when running on zero mojo!). 

Bingo cards are a great element to create with- there is a pleasing structural component to them that I never seem to get tired of. Needless to say, I'm always on the hunt for new designs that I can use. Layered with a little tag and a birthday sentiment that I had left over from another card, I think this card probably took all of 10 minutes from start to finish.
The metallic gold textured card stock is simply gorgeous cut out and really accented the pretty button perfectly. A black fine-tipped Sharpie marker made the faux stitches.
So elegantly simple and one of my favorites so far from the Sew Pretty 2 die collection!


hugs & kisses...

This lovely floral die is from the Sew Pretty 2 collection. The Elegant Column, with it's twining vines and pretty trumpet shaped flowers, looks vintage and sweet to me.
It made the perfect accent along the bottom of this card. Three quick runs through the machine- in green and pink paper, then black for the shadow- is all it takes to make yourself a detail that looks much more complicated than it really is.
Part of a sentiment left over from another project mixes with a ticket and that's it!
A few "stitched" lines were made by following the pin holes with a permanent pen. The last step was to add gold pearls with my Nuvo Crystal Drops onto the flower stamens.



choose joy...

Last week I attended Scrapbook Expo with my friends, same as I'd done many times before but something was different about this trip... this time I didn't shop at all. Nope. Didn't even step out onto the showroom floor. I barely left my seat. You see, I was completely absorbed in making collage!
I was the lady wearing an apron covered in paint, gesso up to my elbows, matte medium stuck to my hands, rings and bracelets and a huge smile on my face.
I thoroughly enjoyed myself and worked on 3 different collage canvases that day. I chose joy.
They had to wait a few days until I could return to finish them in my own studio, although I could barely stand the wait myself.
Whenever you can- choose joy. Positively, unequivocally. 



it's up to you...

Time flies. It's true. I'm not sure where this summer has gone, but it's absolutely flying by at lightning speed.
I was playing with some paper scraps the other day and just randomly glued them down onto a canvas...
I began to cover the paper with paint and gesso to create a background; then quickly found a dress form and a couple pairs of butterfly wings that wanted to work together.
With a large heart to use as a background for the dress form, it didn't take long to complete the canvas using a quote I've been thinking about-
'Time flies. It's up to you to be the navigator.'
True as can be. It's a good reminder to make the days count- do something creative, make yourself happy, take time to enjoy life.
Time flies.



making memories...

No matter your decorating style, framed family photos are always appropriate. Over past 35+ years I've had them tucked somewhere into my home's decor. There is a mix of gold and silver, plus a whole lot of Venetian-style mirrored frames and they make me smile every time I see one of those happy memories tucked into it's frame.
Tonic's new Jeweled Crown die from the Double Detail collection looked very ornate and reminded me of 'mirror, mirror, on the wall...' from Snow White! Lots of fun will be had using this one, I can already tell. The shape of the frame worked beautifully with the Deco Oval Trellis Base.

Here I simply cut it from black foam and although it was pretty thick, I had no problem at all getting a clean cut. The bonus of using foam? It embossed and cut in one step!
I swiped across the frame with a little Nuvo Embellishment Mousse on my finger and turned that foam die cut into what actually looks like a real frame! It was very pretty just the way it was but since I can't seem to resist using my Nuvo Crystal Drops, I "gilded the lily" so to speak.

If you don't already have some framed family photos out, take a look around and you just might find the perfect spot for a memory.

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