Autumn Fairy slipper...

The leaves are beginning to turn and the magic of Fall is upon us. This little fairy is watching over all from her beautiful leaf-filled slipper.
I'm teaching this Slipper tomorrow in Berkeley at Scrapbook Territory. It's a really fun little project. My favorite part? The embossed 'leather'-look paper. I've had it hoarded away for several years while I searched for the perfect project. I found it here.
If you can't make it to the store for class but might be interested in a kit you can check out the details here.



trash? I don't think so...

Here's a little twist on an old saying... 'one scrapper's trash is another scrappers treasure'...
It was true this week with our Tuesday crop group! The ladies (and gentleman) like to bring things they no longer love- to share with anyone that may like them. We pile them on the counter and everyone is free to 'shop' for whatever they'd like. 

I'm a sucker for tags or notebooks of ANY kind and low & behold... there was a beautiful little 7Gypsies notebook in the stash. As soon as I picked it up my friend laughed and said he KNEW I was the one that was going to take it home!
Just a little embellishing with some odds & ends that I had on the table and... voila.
Happy little notebook for my purse. 



busy, busy, busy...

The colors of Autumn are so very beautiful to me.
For the last week I've been buried in a project that I've really loved working on.
Give Thanks.
It's something I'm constantly reminding myself to do.
With this book I was thankful that Stickles were so inexpensive because I used a TON on the pages...!
I was thankful to have so many pretty images and trims to work with...
 And I was especially thankful for...
Ice cold Diet Coke. It's fuel.



found relatives...

Look at little baby Cedric. He's so cute with his witch hat and magic wand.
Here's the entire family! 
I had a great time making this folding 'screen'... with bingo cards, vintage-looking frames and spooky relatives. What else could you ask for?

I know the secret to that question.  




Esmerelda was quite the vision in her pumpkin-stripe taffeta with the rhinestone buttons. Making her ensemble even more stunning was the sparkling black hat and tulle-trimmed umbrella...
I tried my hand at playing with watercolor pencils on this black & white image. What fun they are!
 Last year in the after-Halloween clearance section of Michael's I found these little stripey paper umbrellas. No idea what I'd use them for but for 99 cents, why not?
Stuffed with a little glittered tulle, it was the perfect accessory! I tucked the entire thing into a Dollar Store black frame, done and DONE!
She's all dressed up and waiting for that perfect gentleman to ask her to dance.

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