fairy wishes...

I love to make banners. Don't be fooled into thinking they're only for holiday- banners are a fun way to decorate! As soon as I saw the sweet Fairy Wishes illustrated paper pack I thought it had everything a little girl could want to make her bedroom a magical place!

The finished artwork was perfect for me, as I would never consider myself an artist with pen and paper. No way, no how, but... with the darling little fairies already colored in... how could I go wrong? Put away your scissors too, because the dies from the Fairy Reflections collection make fast work cutting out each individual fairy. What a time saver that was!

The individual bunting flags needed a little accent so I selected one of the floral motifs from the Thinking Of You collection and cut it out of a heavy watercolor paper. I actually use the watercolor paper quite often when I want to cut something lacy and delicate because it's really sturdy- much more so than your regular card stock. Keep some in your arsenal!

Nuvo Crystal Drops in Dandelion Yellow made the perfect domed flower center for the daisies. I didn't like that the one flower on top of the cluster didn't have a center so I stuck a piece of tape to the backside of the die cut before adding the Nuvo drop. Once the drop dried I was able to remove the tape and the flower center was firmly attached to the watercolor paper.

The fairy images were layered with small pieces of chipboard to give them some dimension- they kind of look like they're dancing off the bunting flags! Layering always gives a nice shadow effect.

To tie the banner together I used crinkled seam binding that I dyed in soft shades of pink and green. If you feel like you can't tie a beautiful bow, then you should definitely try using seam binding! Since it's crinkly and shimmery, every bow looks absolutely perfect in it's imperfection. I fell in love with seam binding years ago for this very reason. Once the pieces were tied together the only thing left to do was to add some crystals to the bottom point of each triangle with some bakers twine...

Voila... a banner fit for a sweet little fairy!



from the heart...

I think I've fallen head over heels with making cards! I mean, it's a project that I can actually sit down and complete, start to finish, in one sitting. Who knew???
This G45 paper with the peacock was so pretty I just had to use it somewhere. Combining the image and some cardstock with a few Tonic dies, it all came together lickety split!
The simple addition of a matte gold circle plus some sparkles from Stickles and it was ready for an envelope, a stamp and a friend to send it to!



a lacy flourish...

Today's share is made with the Filigree Flourish die set from Tonic-Studios. I am completely smitten with this set- since I opened the package I think I've used one of the flourishes on just about everything that I've made! It's definitely earned a top spot in my 'ABSOLUTE, MUST HAVE' arsenal of tools. 
Pinky swear.
As delicate as this twining vine looks, it is surprisingly rugged when cut from a heavy weight pearlized card stock. Don't let the lacy look fool you into thinking I had any difficulty cutting it either, the die went right through that card stock like a hot knife through butter- every single time.
By overlapping the flowers on either end of the die cut, you end up with a lovely little frame. If you needed a larger frame it would be simple to do so- just layer multiple strips over each other until you've got the size you need. With the curving vines you are able to connect them at any point and it looks like it was supposed to be that way.
Nuvo Glitter Drops are perfect for the flower centers at each corner.
As versatile as this die is, it's bound to make many more appearances!



home sweet home...

Laura Ingall Wilder said that 'Home is the nicest word there is' and for myself it's pretty true.

Home is where you come from, long for, escape to.

Some close friends of ours just moved into a new home and I wanted to give them something to help celebrate this beautiful space. It was the sentiment in the Sew Pretty- Home Sweet Home die set from Tonic-Studios that drew me in...
What I put together is a small booklet that can hold photos; it's simply card stock that has been accordian-folded and filled with empty frames. To keep it all together there is a 'belly band' made of ribbon with the Home Sweet Home slipped over the knot.
To prevent the ribbon band from catching on the booklet I covered the knot with a strip of paper- that allows it to slip on and off with no problem.
The frame looks beautiful cut out of black card stock- it's got an ornate wrought iron look to it that was really appealing. For the frames inside the booklet I simply used scissors to remove a portion of the die cut so that more of their own photos would be able to be seen. I liked the combination of the two!
There are three frames for photos plus a personal note tucked into the frame on the last page...
For each page I made a 'sandwich' of two frames- the bottom layer is just the outer frame, the top layer is the ornate frame which has been slightly altered. By adhering just the top edge of the frame, they can slide their photo in and add a small drop of adhesive at the bottom to close it all up.
This was so much fun to make- I can't wait to see it filled with their photos. The cover has a matching sentiment on it, so that it looks the same whether the belly band is on or off.
May their home be blessed.



birthday boy...

This week holds a special day for someone in our weekly scrapbooking group of girls... 
except he's a guy!
He's the most talented, sincere, sweet, thoughtful, generous soul. I love everything about him. I am so very grateful to call him my friend.
Happy Birthday to you, Marko Polo!

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