tomato jalapeno foccacia...

Looking for a super quick appetizer? This fits the bill.

Tomato jalapeno foccacia. 

The name basically says it all!
I found this little guy the other night while I was watering my tomato army. He's the first ripe one! OK, so I needed more tomatoes to make this snack, which means this one is still on the vine. For now.
Sprouts market has a great jalapeno foccacia. I slice it, toast it and then top with mayonnaise and tomato slices. Normally I despise mayonnaise but it's the perfect creamy foil for the spicy jalapeno and the juicy tomato slices. That's it! 

No one can eat just one.



true love found...

So, years ago I stumbled across some images of altered rolodex cards and I fell in love. Hard.

It was always on my list of 'someday' projects to make some of these cards. No clue how I'd actually display them because, duh, where was I gonna find a vintage rolodex? Seriously.
And then one day while visiting my mom in Idaho we were thrifting in one of her favorite haunts and I saw Her. 
A genuine rolodex file, just waiting for me to find. No telling how long She'd been there- but I'm guessing it was a pretty long time since the price tag said .99- WHAT?? Ninety-nine cents? I almost fell over. My mom was totally confused about my hyper ventilation over some weird piece of office ephemera from the past but it didn't matter. I was already in love.
 I didn't feel one single pang of guilt when I spied the warning sign on Her undercarriage. I didn't care at that point- I was DEFINITELY going to remove her. Wrapped carefully, smuggled in my carry on bag all the way back home to California. 
Today I made my first card for Her. It felt appropriate to use the phrase 'then, suddenly, a strange thing happened'... because that's exactly the way I discovered Her.
 I think I'll use my mega date stamp from Studio Calico on the backs of each card as I complete them.
Looking forward to filling the entire file, one altered card at a time.



a little distress oxide tag play...

Distress Oxides are certainly nothing new. When they originally came out I jumped right on them like everyone else did. What I didn't do was learn to use them correctly. I was great at making tags that morphed into blobs of muddy hues but couldn't make anything that even remotely resembled the gorgeous, colorfully water-spotted pieces of paper that I saw others creating.

Until I met Ness.

Ness is a master with the oxides and she took the time to sit and show me step-by-step how she was getting 'the look' I was so desperately wanting to see.
The lesson that afternoon opened up a Pandora's box of fun! I think of these oxide tags just like Lay's potato chips- no one can make just one!!

Over-stamped with a favorite large format stamp, all this tag needed was a fluffy bow to complete it.
Thank you Ness!



ringing in the year... now? seriously?

Yes, it's the end of March. Yes, everyone realizes the new year began months ago... 
But I'm finally getting around to sharing some of the pages that have been sitting on my desk! This is the cover page for this year's TN insert.

This embossed silver paper has been in my stash for oh, so very long. It's just beautiful and yet I've never dipped into the pack of 50 sheets. 
Yeah, you read that right. Fifty. Five zero. Since I teach classes and make kits I have this awful fear of 'not having enough' so I buy way too much of every paper I find. 

Just in case inspiration strikes.
I hope to continue this year the same way this gypsy girl is dancing into 2019...



best friends forever...

Shipping tags can be plain and utilitarian- or dressed to the nines with a little embellishing.
These two look like they're wearing their finest...
Even though they might also be up to no good.

...of course, no girl can resist a little extra bling...

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