taking time to play...

I've been stealing every moment I can to play in my studio- and I'm feeling soooo very happy!

...And today I didn't make a single tag. haha
I used a copy of a vintage greeting card (I always use copies, never the original), a scrap of delicate lace and some Old School photo corners. Those are fun for me.
A dig through one of the many button jars found these pretties. I always make sure to actually stitch some thread through the holes- otherwise it drives me bonkers when I look at them. Weird, I know.
The lightest touch of silver Stickles to accent was all it needed to be complete.
Have a wonderful weekend- and please take some time to play!



little bits...

I've been going through my Etsy shop and tidying up a bit. It's always good to freshen things up so I thought I'd start adding new items whenever I can...
These tags were a lot of fun to stitch together- once again, basic shipping tags are the base with little bits of trim added for punch. These are perfect to tie onto a small gift for someone special.
Stickles always provide the perfect finishing touch with just the right amount of sparkle. Just about impossible to complete a project without 'em.

Happy crafting!

*Note:  If anyone is interested in the pretty digital images I used on these tags, you can find them here. She's got lovely stuff- go check it out!



read all about it...

I stumbled upon a huge stash of composition books while cleaning out cubbies in my studio. With good intention I tossed them all into a donation bag- but of course had to go back out to the garage to grab a couple of them later that same afternoon. 
This project took all of about 30 minutes, from start to finish using up little scraps. 

OK, so if you count the time it took for the Stickles to dry I suppose it was longer but I just left it on my work table overnight.
I've got a new notebook for work tomorrow!



don't forget to play!

This year I'm making a conscious effort to play. 

No plan, no schedule. Just grab a bunch of stuff and see what I can do.

I adore tags- there is something about them that fills me with ideas.
Many times I use manila shipping tags- they're great. This time I had a piece of watercolor paper laying on my table (because I was too lazy to put it away the night before) so that's what I used. Just cut it to a random size and away I went...
Fussy cut flowers, machine stitching, sequins. 
My latest obsession- I like lots of layers and lots of embellishment, but lately need to keep things as flat as possible (been doing a LOT of traveler's notebook pages). Sequins fit that bill perfectly!
Added to the back of the tag is a lined card that can be used to write a sweet message.
Just a little more sparkle and some beautiful silk ribbon to finish it up.

Give yourself permission to get out there and play!



this year...

...And another year begins.
I love the fresh beginning each new year brings with it- the promise of a clean slate, filled to the brim with hope. Take whatever lessons you can from the past year and apply to your life ahead. 

Twenty eighteen was a tough year for our family but I'm ready to face what this new year is bringing with Her. It feels like my creativity has been on hold for such a long time so that all my energy could be focused on the challenges that were in front of me. Well, goodbye to all that. 

So long 2018. Don't let the door hit you on your way out.

It's with open arms I welcome this bright shiny New Year!

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