I'm back today with another tag. Surprise, surprise!
Instead of a standard shipping tag, this time I cut one myself using the Tim Holtz large tag die. Love the size of this one... it's 3"x6" so you get a pretty big area to play with.
I liked the wide gross-grain ribbon and the sheet music but there was something missing.
That something was washi tape!
I'm beginning to think I may have a bit of a hoarding problem with this stuff! So many pretty colors and patterns. What's a girl to do?
Additional stitching and Stickles and my little project was beginning to shape up.
Buttons with some bakers twine- that's the ticket!
I think it's so much more interesting if you tie a tiny half-knot at the end of the button threads. Plus add a little messy stitching on the ribbon too. 
Works for me, anyway!
Hello. I think my work here is done.
Happy, happy weekend to all!


1 comment:

Uniquely Ella said...

Love your art style, love the stiches on the washi tape. Can't wait for the weekend and look at some more (all) your posts. You have the sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee blog.

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