...aaaaand ACTION!

I've never filmed a video before. I mean like NEVER EVER. Not even a stupid little something on my iPhone.

So.... here goes. My first video. 

Please have patience with me!



The Junque Seeker said...

What a gorgeous book, and one of the better videos I've seen. Kudos on doing so well on your first try!

Lisa said...


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Artifice said...

Fantastic video for your 1st ever! Love your book! Is the little girl from the graphics fairy? Linda

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the baking enthusiast said...

You would never know that was your first video! You seemed perfectly comfortable. The book is so lovely. What digital paper collection did you use? More importantly, where did you get the little girl you love so much?

Notre Dame said...

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Gail said...

This is a great video and I love your journal. Please do a "tutorial" showing your process, especially the glitter. I hope you do many more videos. Thank you for sharing.

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A Consuming Passion said...

Beautiful, beautiful journal.

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Foxhollow Studio said...

I absolutely adore this book! What size is it? I would love to order one and try a journal in one of these type.

Harley Rowe said...

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Oh and how I wish you had made more!!

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Rose Watz said...

For a first timer you did an excellent job. I have seen videos by experienced journalers that are not as good as you were. Loved your journal, was impressed by your presentation, have no constructive criticism to give you. I would be very proud of myself if I were you on the job you did. I am by no means an expert but I know what I like and I definitely enjoyed your video and would watch you again with hesitation. Well done my dear. Be proud of your achievement. You do have a talent. Thank you from Rose.

Iqbal Saleem said...

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