a gift for you...

Banners are awesome- for holidays, for every day, for anything and everything. I've made so many and taught classes on them so many times over the years I've lost count BUT putting banners on a card is something I rarely do. 

Don't get me wrong, I love a banner on a card- I just can't justify the time spent cutting out all those tiny pieces just for a card.

Problem solved!
Meet my new best friend- the Garland Fayre die set! It cuts 4 of the little banners at one time, has choices for edges and interiors and in the blink of an eye you've got the cutest banner to use on a card. The entire process took only a few minutes and I love the result!
This is one die set I'm sure will get a lot of use around here.
Hmmm.... I'm kinda feeling like this set is a 'gift for me'!


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