happy haunting...

Back in early June at the craft store I saw the most hilarious display of holiday decor- there were rows and rows of Christmas decorations; snuggled up next to them were the happy orange pumpkins and trappings of Halloween, while immediately in front of those were the markdowns of summer. Yeah, imagine that- it was only JUNE and the whole 'fun in the sun' idea was already past! 

As a designer I truly appreciate the whole 'gotta shop early' thing because I do design 6-9 months ahead of my teaching schedule, but really... at times it just looks like utter craziness with that jumble of decorations in the stores. C'mon people, can't we just enjoy the holidays ONE AT A TIME???

I've been playing with a Holly Wreath die and got to thinking that it might be fun to put another spin on it... instead of the lovely but oh-so-traditional shades of green for the holly, what about a Halloween wreath of black leaves? I went ahead and tried it and I have to say that I do love it!

There are two layers of die cut wreaths to give it some depth, separated by tiny pieces of black foam. Even though I liked it, I'm not sure the tiny little witch in her wagon did- from the look on her face I think not.

Oh the sweet intoxication of orange and black... Halloween really is my favorite holiday of them all!


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