pretty junk...

So... I was digging through some junk the other day and I came across these old pins. I think my step-mom gave them to me? Anyway, I remember tucking them away thinking I'd find something neat to use them on and I finally did!
When I was playing around making flowers a couple weeks ago, there was this one pretty blue flower that didn't get finished. It needed something for the center but no matter how many buttons 'auditioned' for the part, nothing looked right.
Enter the vintage pins!

After playing with a few, I settled on this one.
I can't wait to wear this pretty thing!



smokeysmom said...

Yes, I remember when you and I went through my vintage pins! So glad you found a wonderful use for them. You're so darn talented! Hugs

Irene said...

They both compliment each other. What a perfect partnership.

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