pocketful of sunshine...

It's always fun to take something that is very simple and dress it up... think about it- a little black dress with a strand of pearls, a beautiful piece of fruit served with a wedge of cheese, a brown paper lunch bag gussied up with some lace. 

Paper bag pockets are always fun to play with. All it takes is a lunch bag (yeah, the same kind you sent your child's pb&j in this morning) and something to embellish with- lace, images, buttons. Whatever you've got handy!
Fold the flattened bag to create a "pocket"... and trim the flap with decorative scissors. Stitch by hand or machine or simply glue the edges down. It's really up to you- you can make the pocket any depth you'd like.
For this pocket I glued on piece of book paper. Next, I stitched on a piece of vintage cutwork- I really loved the texture it added. I could have stopped there but I went ahead and added the additional image of a fairy girl plus a blank tag.
This kind of project can be addicting. I use them for all kinds of things- a thank you pocket with a candy bar and a note. How about a get-well with some tea bags and mini package of tissues? They are also really cute to use for my class kits- I've got a few examples herehere and here.

While gathering the materials for this, I ended up with a pile of goodies that I quickly turned into another half dozen pockets!
Fun, fun, fun!


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Uniquely Ella said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I know what you mean about these little projects being addictive, why stop. Your image is so darn cute and I love the vintage fabric piece, just beautiful.

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