sandwich and chips?

Did you know that those brown paper bags that you pack your kids' lunches in can can be used for a cute gift bag for a little something? Well they can! And it's simple as can be...
All you need to do is:   
1) fold the bottom up to make a 'pocket' 
2) either glue or stitch all around the edges to secure the pocket  
3) to decorate, add a piece of patterned paper, book paper or two of my favorites- sheet music or vintage images- to any part of the pocket just to gussie it up a bit  
4) tie with a piece of ribbon, add a small ornament, silk flower, name tag, etc. and voila! Tuck a little trinket inside with a note, a candy bar (or candy cane!) or any little something you want to give to someone special.
Ridiculously easy and cute as can be...
 Make a stack to have at the ready whenever you need. You'll be glad you did!

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