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I love shipping tags. They are plain and simple and... beautiful. You can take one and in a matter of a few minutes turn it into something completely different.
I buy them in bulk so that I always have a ready supply!
Today I just kind of walked around my studio and picked up random bits and bobs- no rhyme or reason to it, just whatever looked like a pretty color.
I sat down at the worktable and just started 'auditoning' things... placing items here and there until I found an arrangement I liked. Machine stitching is so much fun to do on just about ANYTHING. You don't have to be a seamstress, just put the foot pedal to the floor and stitch, baby! (don't let the long threads fool you- once you snip them off nice and neat, everything looks better).
For the center butterfly medallion I just started piling things up with a little chipboard in between layers for some dimension.
See what a difference it makes with the extra space in between the layers?
I couldn't quite figure out what the whole arrangement needed to finish it off and then it hit me- a glossy bauble! Of course I didn't have a glossy bauble but why let that stop the fun? Trusty circle punch and some Glossy Accents to the rescue...
One last little spot of washi tape in the corner and it was complete.
Lots of fun and 30 minutes to finish, using stuff I already had. Can't beat that for cheap entertainment!

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