dollar spot...

Don't you just love Target's 'dollar spot'? 
I do. You never know what you're gonna find.
Recently I saw some small wooden boxes there. No, they weren't actually $1... they were $3. 
OK, so maybe they should change the name to 'around a dollar spot'.
Anyway, I bought a bunch. They sat here in my studio for a couple weeks waiting patiently for me to come up with a plan!

One morning I grabbed some Mod Podge and got busy turning them into something I could really use.
Old book paper and sheet music to the rescue, yet again. Is there anything that doesn't look better with a little old paper? I think not.
Once decoupaged on the outside, I also covered the inside of the boxes to give them a nice finish. After a little distressing with some ink, they each got one last coat of decoupage medium to seal them nicely.
I love them! They are the perfect size to store all the items that I sell in my classes.

It's hard not to love Target.


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Ann said...

Very cute, I haven't been to target since Christmas. I'll have to stop by. The "dollar" spot is a favorite of mine too. A bonus is that it also has a Starbucks in it. I did recently pick up a small little crate at my local second hand shop. I'm not sure what I am going to do with it, still brainstorming. Ha! I would love it if you followed my blog too. I always like making new blog friends. Plus I have a Easter Blog Candy up on my blog right now. Here's the link, http://theantiquewardrobe.blogspot.com/2013/02/easter-bracelet-giveaway.html

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