a little magic...

Do you love those Mr. Clean Magic Erasers? I do. I wish you could use them on everything but unfortunately you can't. For crafting this is the next best thing! 
A plain old gum eraser. 
Yeah, I'm old school.
I have a much-used, much-loved brayer that works wonders when it comes to making sure paper has good contact between surfaces when using an adhesive, but... the sticky adhesive that inevitably attaches itself to the brayer is awful stuff. 
Now, the brayer still works great but it's ugly ugly ugly with all that gunk stuck to it. 
But there's a solution!
Take that ordinary gum eraser and rub it along the rubber part of the brayer. It does take some elbow grease but it will start to gather the mess together so you can peel the sticky goo off. 
 What you'll be left with is this...
Almost good-as-new!


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