Whoohoooo! I won! I won!

OK, I know that's really not exciting to anyone who might be reading this but I really am just thrilled!
The Gypsy Girls over at One Lucky Day had a drawing last week and the prize is this fabulous stash of 7Gypsies goodies. They also posted a couple great ideas made with this library drawer. I always love to visit their blog- it's got a ton of great ideas and these girls are so creative. Once I actually got to meet them both when they were at our local scrapbook store to teach classes. They were really sweet and seemed to have fun with one another- I liked that they laughed a lot. Most impressive because I'm sure they were completely worn out after driving the entire day to get to the store that evening. I wasn't able to attend the classes the next day but my girlfriend did and she had a great time (plus she made some awesome projects).

It's been impossible for me to find any play time lately. Major life changes within our family (all for the good, but changes nonetheless) and that has occupied EVERY.WAKING.MOMENT.
I miss playing with paper, scissors and glue!

Now with this big bundle of beautiful goodness coming my way, I feel a creativity wave coming on!


Heather H. said...

What a great win. I'm sure you are dying to play with your new goodies!! I always enjoy stopping by your blog. Thanks for sharing.

Kandys said...

GOOD for you Terri, it was fun to see your name on The One Lucky Day blog.

Unknown said...

OMGOSH! you won! Good for you! I entered that but of coarse didn't win. Isn't that the second time you have won a give-away on a blog? You lucky girl!
Can't wait to see what you make with all that stuff. And YES these ladies class is the best class I have ever been to. The last class I went to was a big let down and disappointment. Oh well.

Cindy said...

ohmhygoshhhhhhhh you lucky dog YOU! I was just looking at their blog DROOLING over all that good stuff. Well, if someone had to win it, I'm glad its you my friend, can't wait to see what you create with it!


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