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Cindy Mayfield of Yapping Cat Studios is one of the sweetest people I've never met! (that sounds weird, doesn't it?!!) But I've followed her blog for what seems like forever, and we've emailed back-and-forth and once she even won a banner of mine. I love to see how she combines paint and ink and hand-lettering and pretty little images to make beautiful and detailed pieces of art. Check out her etsy and see all kinds of inspiration- from original pieces to lovely trims to vintage items.

Isn't this canvas piece darling? The little girl makes me smile every single time I look at her- she's so happy. The K&Co paper line 'Cut'N'Paste' is so cute and vintage and playful. Cindy mixed it up with paint and buttons and red & white crepe paper festooning. There is even a little paper umbrella in her hands. So much fun!

My photo doesn't do it justice- but trust me, it is SOOOO cute. And it's mine, all mine! Thanks so very much Cindy- xoxoxo I love it.

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Cindy said...

I'm so glad you like her and that she makes you smile. :)


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