a piece of me...

Last month my term on the Art Inspired Studios design team ended. It was an interesting experience- I learned to create on a deadline with both materials that inspired me and things that were way out of my taste range. I met some really great women and realized that this is something I'd definintely love to do again.

One of the very first things we were asked to do, was to create a 12x12 layout representing ourselves. Well, I'm not really a scrapbooker- I know, I know- the last time I made a 12x layout, The Daughter was just out of diapers (and she turned 16 a couple weeks ago- that should tell you it's been awhile). I'm a 'mixed-media-altered-object' kinda girl. Right off I felt challenged!

A few days before, I'd come across a fabulous frame at the thrift store- and guess what- it had a 12x12 opening! Grab a can of that wonderful Heirloom White spray paint and IT'S ON.

I tried my best to fill the space with things that spoke to me & about me... things that inspired me... a "collage" of myself...

This cute little card of buttons was from a vendor who had scads of vintage buttons- and when I saw that these were still on the card, I had to have them. The 'Domestic Goddess' is what The Husband seems to think I am, so this paper strip found a home.

A couple photos that I just love. The party girl on the old car is going to be part of my new logo (I'm struggling with the rest of it, so for now I'll stick with the bird) and I love, love, love Poirrot clowns. This photo has an entire class of children dressed in costume! (my family thinks it creepy- it was my screen saver for awhile until The Daughter told me she just couldn't eat at the table while they were looking at her). The chippy rhinestone button was from that same vendor. The fact that it was missing a few stones made it perfect.

Measuring tape (because my grandma taught me to sew when I was about 5). The hardest part of this project was actually using a picture of myself- I rarely make an appearance in my photos!

Of course, nothing representing me could possibly be without a banner- I'm hopelessly addicted. And the Happy bingo card describes how I feel most all the time. I'm a lucky, lucky girl.

And last of all, I used my cute little turquoise blue typewriter to type out my name... which was quite a struggle because it doesn't really work without manually moving the carriage. A labor of love, I tell ya.

This turned out to be one of my favorite pieces I've ever worked on. Give it a try- you'll be surprised at how it snowballs once you get started. I'm thinking I just might have to get The Daugther to gather some things herself- I'd love to have a 'snapshot' of this time in her life.


Paper Squirrel said...

Lovely! I like love all the vintage elements that are not quite complete and a little tarnished...just like any domestic goddess!

So funny that you mention your little turquoise typewriter. I had one of those when I was a kid...I wondered what happened to that... :-)

fairyrocks said...

This is a work of art, and ditto with the type writer, My kids still use it. Like most of us from that age....they don't makem like they use to.
Keep smiling and creating

smokeysmom said...

Just lovely, Terri, just like everything else you create - FABULOUS!! Hugs, Maggie

Cindy said...

Terri, I love it! And your picture is the best part...cause its you!!! Love the way all the elements came together, it is a wonderful piece. You did awesome!


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