paper roses tutorial

Here we go... the tutorial I promised. Honest, once you see how easy they are, you'll be addicted!

The example I'm going to show you is made from an unbleached coffee filter. Yep- you can make a flower from just about anything.

I knew I wanted this flower to be kind of full, and the paper the filter is made from is very thin so I folded the entire thing in quarters so that I'd be working with 4 layers. If you're using regular printed paper (scrapbooking paper) you probably only want a single layer. Book paper can be doubled. Vintage sheet music has been unsuccessful for me up to this point- all of mine is just too brittle to be manipulated into a flower. But that's just my experience with it.

Cut your paper (in this case, my four layers of paper) into a circle, not trying to keep the lines straight and smooth. The 'wavy' edge helps the petals of the rose once you begin rolling. Now cut a spiral into the flower.

Roll the flower, beginning with the outside edge, into a pretty tight little roll. When the entire thing is rolled up, you'll be able to let go of it and it will loosen up and start to look like a flower. Play around with it until you like it. If it's too tight, let it unroll a bit. If it's too loose, go ahead and roll it up again. Really, there is no right-or-wrong way to do this.

Once you're happy with your little flower, put a blob of adhesive on a small scrap of paper. Don't worry- it's not gonna show.

Plop your flower down into the glue blob and then hold the entire thing together so that you get a good bond.

Sorry, blurry photo... but, you get the idea... Once it's dry, go ahead and trim that big square down so that it won't show from the right side.

And there you go. A pretty paper flower made from a coffee filter! Who would guess? I think they'd also look great misted with a little Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist. See? I told you they were addicting!

Here are a few made from printed paper...

and some made from book paper. LOVE these.

Like I told you- once you start, it's hard to stop!
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Wendy Aspinall said...

thank you for the tutorial. I'm going to have ago now... I'll let you know how they go ...hugs wendy

Nancy said...

Great Tutorial! I'm going to go try to make some right now. Thank you so much!
Nancy :D

Mixed Media/ Altered Crafts said...

Thanks for the tutorial! I always wanted to know how it was done.
I got to try it. Teresa

Hope said...

These are lovely. I made some with vintage fuscia velvet. It was really thick and scruchie. They were so pretty. I gave them as gifs and put one on a hat for me!

fairyrocks said...

Gorgeous flowers, Lovely tutorial!!

Linda S. said...

I have made these flowers out of scrapbook paper before, but have never thought of using coffee filters. Hmmmm I wonder how it would work to dry the filter after use? All those beautiful shades of rich browns!! Hmmm...you've got me thinking now! Linda S. in NE

Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous, and simple (I think). Off to try. Thank you so much for sharing.

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