a little distress oxide tag play...

Distress Oxides are certainly nothing new. When they originally came out I jumped right on them like everyone else did. What I didn't do was learn to use them correctly. I was great at making tags that morphed into blobs of muddy hues but couldn't make anything that even remotely resembled the gorgeous, colorfully water-spotted pieces of paper that I saw others creating.

Until I met Ness.

Ness is a master with the oxides and she took the time to sit and show me step-by-step how she was getting 'the look' I was so desperately wanting to see.
The lesson that afternoon opened up a Pandora's box of fun! I think of these oxide tags just like Lay's potato chips- no one can make just one!!

Over-stamped with a favorite large format stamp, all this tag needed was a fluffy bow to complete it.
Thank you Ness!



Miss Aja said...

These are absolutely gorgeous! Y’all did a fantastic job!

dark clash of souls said...

Thanks for nice post

Free Fire said...

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