ringing in the year... now? seriously?

Yes, it's the end of March. Yes, everyone realizes the new year began months ago... 
But I'm finally getting around to sharing some of the pages that have been sitting on my desk! This is the cover page for this year's TN insert.

This embossed silver paper has been in my stash for oh, so very long. It's just beautiful and yet I've never dipped into the pack of 50 sheets. 
Yeah, you read that right. Fifty. Five zero. Since I teach classes and make kits I have this awful fear of 'not having enough' so I buy way too much of every paper I find. 

Just in case inspiration strikes.
I hope to continue this year the same way this gypsy girl is dancing into 2019...



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Julie - Scrapbook Cafe said...

Hi Terri
Just stopped by and its so good to see that your still crafting. I know you probably do not remember me however, my sister and I met you and your husband at a Demo you were doing at CHA convention many years back and I have kept your card all of these years and just thrilled that you are still having fun with paper.
I will keep visiting looking for at your beautiful work. =)
Julie Huddleston

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