don't forget to play!

This year I'm making a conscious effort to play. 

No plan, no schedule. Just grab a bunch of stuff and see what I can do.

I adore tags- there is something about them that fills me with ideas.
Many times I use manila shipping tags- they're great. This time I had a piece of watercolor paper laying on my table (because I was too lazy to put it away the night before) so that's what I used. Just cut it to a random size and away I went...
Fussy cut flowers, machine stitching, sequins. 
My latest obsession- I like lots of layers and lots of embellishment, but lately need to keep things as flat as possible (been doing a LOT of traveler's notebook pages). Sequins fit that bill perfectly!
Added to the back of the tag is a lined card that can be used to write a sweet message.
Just a little more sparkle and some beautiful silk ribbon to finish it up.

Give yourself permission to get out there and play!



Cheryl Ann said...

Very cute! I have a stamp with lines that I put on the back of my large tags...

purchase assignment online said...

No plan, no schedule. Just grab a bunch of stuff and see what I can do.Love these freshly made fruit into bottle.Haha love how this looked in the background of my pic! Sketchy isn't it?? It's just a chalkboard saying "It takes a village to raise good home cooks". I've always loved that. We're a pretty awesome family, aren't we??I think I might be getting over myself and in to the kitchen!

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