what color is your happy?

Everyone has a color that makes them happy. 
What color is yours?
Usually mine is red. I love anything that comes in red. Or that cool, vintage-vibe 50's blue. And black, definitely black. I know people say black doesn't count but I love it- everything really "pops" with an accent of black!
This stamp evokes happiness with the little burst of bloom accenting the text. Tammy Tutterow has such a great style- I smile whenever I look at her work. It's whimsical and yes, happy!

Using the stamp as my starting point it didn't take long to put together some colorful layers to make a card. The little birdie insisted on being part of it!
Oh- and today I'm kind of feeling a whole "rainbow" of happy... The Daughter just found out that she got accepted into grad school!
Happy, happy, HAPPY!



Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

A birdie is a teacup? Color me happy!!!!

Unknown said...

Congrats on the daughters news!!! 💖💖

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