just getting started...

Valentine projects are just getting started! Since I love hearts so much, I could probably work on this stuff for months on end.
For this one, I grabbed a few of my new Tonic dies and got to work cutting metal. Yep, metal. I wanted something that would be flexible so that the design could wrap around the paper mache hearts I'd chalk painted.
It worked great!! One thing I noticed was that if I didn't remove the pieces after the metal was cut with the die- it looked like tooled silver. That made me love it even more! (OK, maybe it's because I love sterling silver... I wear 21 sterling bangles on my left arm. Not kidding. You oughta see me try to get through security at an airport. It's not pretty.)
This lacy die cut easily wrapped around the heart. 
Well, like I said- I'm just getting started. I've still got four more hearts to play with!


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