As much as I'd like to say I'm completely organized in my life, truth be told I'm about as far from that as possible.
There is a spot on the desk in my kitchen that has somehow become the big black hole where all paper goes and then quickly morphs into multiples.
I bought a pretty linen covered binder last year to make a place where all my household info could be stored. Last year, people. 
Well I just found it! So instead of immediately tackling the important task of getting said information into it, I decided to decorate it instead.
I know, I know... this is exactly how I ended up in this mess in the first place.

Oh come on! It's WAY more fun to play with paper than to sort it, don't you think???
I'll get around to organizing some other day... right now I'm having fun.


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smokeysmom said...

Wow Terri, this is the most you've blogged in a long time, LOL. Love all of your projects and that Lemon Poppy Cake looks delicious. Keep in touch:)

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