just because...

I have a little card to share this morning...
I need the quick-fix of immediate gratification sometimes. A card is a good way to do that!
Besides, the composing of little bits of this and pieces of that is always so much fun to do.
It's also a good way to use those things that you have that are ..um... less than appealing to you? I am NOT a fan of rhinestone embellishments unless they are tiny little rounds, so this green flower was certainly not going to find it's way onto anything I made. Or so I thought. I actually didn't hate it once it was added into the mix here. Still- I'd never buy any more of these (it was just a left-over from a design team kit).
Layers, layers and more layers.
For me it doesn't get any better than this- sheet music and book paper.
I have become such a lover of border punches... they create endless possibilities. They also seem to have become so much better than they were even just a few years ago- they now seem to punch clean and easy, unlike some of my first ones which seemed to chew their way through the paper or they'd jam and I would have to tear the paper out and bang the punch against a hard surface to get it to release! That was always so frustrating. If you haven't picked up a new punch in awhile, give it a try!

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