Happy Halloween...

This post has been a long time coming.. it's a witch book that I made with some friends at the beginning of the month. This project was QUITE an undertaking- the ladies worked on it for a full day but everyone left with their books completely finished. What a fantastic job they did.
There was sooooo much stuff needed to assemble so their kits were packed in boxes that could be used afterwards to pack up their little treasure and store it for safekeeping from Halloween to Halloween!
Each book had a total of 30 double-sided pages, pockets and tags... plus they made their covers to look like  old crinkled leather with straps and the insides were lined with some beautiful Italian paper that I had hoarded for years.
I need to note that everyone's binding rings were black. Except mine. I really need to replace those suckers!
It was a complete labor of love not only to make the pages themselves but the kitting process... OMG... I believe I spent about 3 ENTIRE DAYS putting everything together for the kits. I thought I'd have a nervous breakdown by the time I got them finished.
This was the time to pull out all the stops and really dig through the stuff I had squirreled away for that 'someday' project. The end result was well worth the trouble.
The Daughter's own little cockatiel graciously gave up some of her feathers so we could use to embellish one of the pages! (Now don't get all worried- I didn't pull them out! They shed naturally)

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