the good stuff...

Well whad'ya know? I said I'd be back and... I'm actually back!
This is the 2nd set of pages in my little book.
I'm liking the idea of the pockets to hold little tags and notes and pictures whenever I have them. A random filing system for sure, but at least I might be able to capture some of the ephemera that seems to clutter up my desk. I'm a cross between a pack rat and Monk. There's quite a struggle between the two! It's a mystery each day who is gonna end up on top.
Everyone needs this pocket, don't you think? We all have 'good stuff'.
I love this girl- she is simply beautiful. I love these hollyhocks- and have used them a million times it seems but the color and the shape of the flowers just thrills me every time. I love the butterfly wings- I think everyone should have at least a pair or two of these to wear in real life- can you imagine the accessorizing we could do with those?!! I love the swirly stamp in the corner- it's from an ancient 7Gypsies set that all my friends bought. I think we used that stamp to death! And it's still the first one I grab whenever I have a little bit of space that needs filling.
This page just makes me feel happy!


Kathy said...

Beautiful work. My altered quote book is one of the most relaxing things I do. There is just something about the freedom of making artwork just for yourself. Keep going and ENJOY!!

Cindy said...

Another lovely page. You are on a beautiful roll my friend!


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