I've been busy a-swappin'...

Months (many months) ago, I was in a "vintage ABC" swap coordinated by the fabulous Marian Ballog... that crazy woman VOLUNTEERED to put together a swap between a couple dozen women. We were all assigned a letter of the alphabet and given the instruction to create 27 pages showcasing our letter. My first letter was the letter L (I blogged about it here).

Anyway, due to unforseen circumstances the letter "Y" needed to be completed. Here is what I came up with- "Y" words are harder to come up with than you might think...

Years ago, I found a children's book at the Goodwill and it was filled with stories about cowboys. Who doesn't love a cowboy?!! Finally I had a chance to use it... one of the pages had a song with yippee-ki-yay in it.
Yippee begins with "Y".

So does yarn. And yellow. Especially yellow yarn.

The back is a dictionary page (yeah, of course, it's a "Y" page) and I stitched a little pocket onto the back- a Yellow striped pocket- and tucked in a shipping tag with Yet more "Y" words.

OK, I digress...
Once Marian recieved all the submissions, she painstakingly put them all into complete alphabet sets and went about turning them into beautiful books for each one of us. Amazing, right? Well, she did a whole lot more than just rubber-banding them together and sending them back to us... she created customized covers for each of us and added individual elements to every book. As if that weren't enough, she then made every single little book the most darling bag to hold this work of art (and the book's a biggie- the red/white striped ribbon holds it closed). Isn't the bag cute?

And, oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that Marion also made some of the alphabet pages, too.
Somewhere in her spare time.
Every time I look at this book, it makes me smile to think of the hundreds of hours all those talented artists put into their tiny works of art for us to share with one another.
Thanks to every one of those ladies, but most especially thanks to Marion. Without her idea, none of this would have been possible.
And Marion's already got us started on a Christmas-themed version!
Lucky, lucky me- I've got the letter "M" (and lots of vintage sheet music that I've been hoarding for just the right project- I think it found me!)


Unknown said...

Looks like that mean boss of yours let you out of work early today! Your Y pages came out cute.

Anonymous said...

How darling is this book Terri. I love it! I think your "Y" page is so cute! Hope your doing well.

Unknown said...

Hi Terri, thought I'd pop on to see what you've been up tooo. Amazing work as I suspected. You are a inspiration. Retiring this year.. Idaho here we come. ( miss you)

Cindy said...

Hello...I'm a book freak! OHMYGOSH...this looks amazing. Don't you love stuff like that? And when it comes together and looks so cool. LOVEd your page and loved the way she put it all together. Beautiful!


Heidi said...

Sweet! I looked you up for ideas regarding a new Christmas swap project by Marian! Are you in it?

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