better LATE than never...

Months ago... MONTHS ago.... I signed up for a 'vintage ABC' swap with the fabulous Marian Ballog as the head-mistress (just Google her- she's everywhere!) and each participant was given a letter of the alphabet. We were to make our pages (27 of them, to be exact) and send them all to her, then she begins working her magic. She is binding them all together and sending each one of us a completed book back. Imagine that! The 27th book is to be auctioned off.

I had the letter "L" obviously... and at first it seemed I was "L"ucky... but this project turned into the "L from Hell"!!! I had so much trouble putting the little suckers together and after they were all done, I sure wish I had added more stuff to them. They're sooo plain but the deadline is long past and they needed to leave my studio. Maybe she'll have another swap and I can redeem myself!!!

I can't wait to see what she's done with them all and I'm sure I'll be posting pictures when I recieve my book in a few weeks.

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