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I love to make banners. They are probably the simplest project to make when you have no inspiration but you've got scraps. Literally- scraps. That's all it takes. Plus a cereal box and some glue.
I make them for everything...

Today I'll show you how I made one of my latest.

I use any cardboard I can find- and cereal boxes are plentiful. Cut them into a triangle and cover with any patterned paper you like. It doesn't take much...

Once that is done, I like to add some trim where the different papers meet (but you don't have to do this- I just like how it looks).

I found this whole bunch of vintage rick-rack at the thrift store and the entire bag was only 50 cents! They were in their original packages and from the price on them, they had to be old- they only cost between .15 and .35 apiece when they were new. Of course I had to save their packaging to use on something later.
You can leave the back of your individual pennants 'naked' because no one will see them, but I think they look kinda, well, naked. So mine are always backed with old book pages.

They can be cut along the edges of the pennant for a clean look, or the way I prefer them using a pair of pinking shears. Either way works just fine.

Don't you just love these little flashcards? I sure do. If you've never seen any Kenner Road then you're in for a surprise. KerryLynn provides all kinds of digital eye candy available for download- shopping doesn't get any easier than that! I don't have any knowledge of digital scrapbooking (I'm more of a paper-scissors-glue kinda girl, myself) but there is a way to utilize all those fantastic digi elements available out there. Just print out onto some cardstock and grab your scissors- I LOVE that!

My handy-dandy Crop-O-Dile easily punches holes at each top corner so that ribbon (or twine or thread or whatever you like) can be threaded through to connect all the pennants together.

These made a nice reminder to hang on a game board for our cabin. I found one of these boards at a yard sale in Idaho a few years ago when I was visiting my mom. Over the past couple of months, I have found 2 more here at thrift stores (the most expensive one being only $3!) I think they'll make a cute decoration hanging on the front porch.
Try a banner.

You won't be able to make just one.


Queen Bee said...

This is a super idea and yours is WONDERFUL! Your tutorial is great!

Jacqueline said...

I love your playful banners and they look so creative! Just an easy way to have fun too - I might try this at Sunday school with the kids. TFS!

Cindy said...

I love cereal boxes!!!!!! And what a great idea. I've seen these and have not made the effort to attempt one, but you've made it look fun and easy! Clever girl! :D

yapping cat

Kristina Oppegard said...

I'm doing this when I get home tonight! What a great tutorial.. simple and SO fun for summer!

Thank you!!!!!

Kristina Oppegard said...

I'm doing this when I get home tonight! What a great tutorial.. simple and SO fun for summer!

Thank you!!!!!

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