protect your magic...

Whew- where has the summer gone? The last couple weeks have flown by... Girl Scout camp, a trip to Florida, a couple classes taught at my fave scrapbook store.

Getting back to reality and it's feeling pretty good.

I was needing a jolt of instant gratification and nothing works better for that than something small and made from pretty scraps! The size of the rolodex cards I found here was absolutely perfect.

It's been years since I used these adhesive-backed rhinestone swirls so I forgot just how they make me swoon! So glad to find these little pretties buried in a drawer I recently cleaned out.

Paper Whimsy has the most dreamy images of beautiful girls. The hardest part every time is deciding which one to use.

Remember to protect your magic. Everyone has it but it requires nurturing and feeding and exercising- and the best thing is, the more you use it, the more it grows!



Sprinkled Creations said...

As always, absolutely stunning!!

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