traveler's notebooks on parade...

I love traveler's notebooks. For the last 5 or 6 years I have been completely smitten with them- in all sizes and shapes. In fact, I have assembled a rather large collection of them. And they sat completely empty until last year.

I finally decided they weren't going to miraculously fill themselves so I began working on my first one to use as a kind of 'scrapbook' for myself. Funny thing, as much as I love to spend time in a scrapbook store, with scrapbookers- I am NOT a scrapbooker. Nope, I like my projects  too layered, too overblown, too chunky. My motto is: 'when in doubt, add that extra layer!'
That doesn't work well for a scrapbook page.

Or... so I thought...
Why couldn't I use a TN for my own style of memory keeping? 

As long as I keep things flat (the BIGGEST struggle ever!!!) everything is hunky dory.

I can add as many flat layers as I want, embellishing with lots of stitching and sequins and sparkle. 
 An entire world opened up at that point and I haven't looked back.
Waterfalls are my favorite way to get a lot of photos onto a single page and I'm always looking for clever ways to assist in lifting up the top photo. This tiny embroidered flower cluster was perfect!
It's impossible to complete any project without a bit of stitching a some sparkle. And it's all perfectly flat. 

If you're new to the TN party, don't feel bad- just get out there and try it!



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