the adventure begins...

It's been ages since I last posted. Sometimes life doesn't go as planned and we can either crumble under the weight... or pick ourselves up, dust things off and move on. This much needed respite has left me feeling re-charged and embracing creating once again!

Graduations are upon us and this project was created for one of my favorite graduates. 
I didn't want anything too fussy, it was for a young man, after all. While digging through drawers to find anything that looked masculine, I found the gold skeleton leaves and hoped to find a spot to tuck them in, even though they didn't exactly scream "guy". 

The entire thing was built on a long kraft envelope, perfect for tucking in good wishes and a little spending money. 
I had so much fun creating the layers while trying to be mindful of not over-doing it. For someone that believes more is MORE, that was quite a challenge!
Here's to all the graduates out there- 
               ...time to let the adventures begin!

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