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I love a Travelers Notebook... yes I do. There is something about the size- it's perfectly proportioned.

Yes, of course you can buy the blank inserts for your book but why would you want to do that when they're so easy- and fun- to make?? Plus it's a great excuse to use up that paper you've been hoarding, right?
Here is one I made for a trip we took this past weekend. Most of the time my inserts are only 4-6 pages and I find that works perfectly for me. I like to machine stitch the pages together but staples will also work.
The blank pages are covered with scrapbook papers and postcards...
Journaling cards and tags... 
... and pockets!
This particular pocket is made out of a menu but I've also used programs from plays or events, book pages, brochures... with the Scoop Pocket die from Tammy Tutterow, it only takes a minute to create your pocket.

Waterfall flips are always a great way to display a bunch of photos but I could never figure out how to put them together until I tried this die from Tammy. She makes it so simple because the crease is already there and there are different edge designs to choose from; now the hardest part is deciding how many layers I want to use!

Once the base pages are put together you can go to town filling it with pictures, journaling, business cards and any little pieces of ephemera you pick up along the way... the more you fill it, the more it will spark memories when you look back through your pages.

Happy hunting!

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