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I have found that I just can't stop making Valentine-themed projects ever since I got out all my red & pink embellishments!
I started with my Tammy Tutterow SR-076 Library Pocket die and a stack of pretty papers. Honestly, I think I made about two dozen of these pockets just because they were so easy to cut out and assemble (I'm sure I'll find someplace to use them all up).
To make my "booklet" I attached two unassembled pockets together by layering the ends together; after that I just made a hidden hinge binding and glued it down to the area where my pockets overlapped. I'm not sure if this makes sense but if you look at the photo it probably will... maybe I'll get REAL brave and try a tutorial on this.
By cutting off 1/8" at the bottom of each pocket I was able to slip them over the hinges of the binding, adding a little adhesive to hold them on.
After the pockets were all glued in, I decorated each one with fun trims and tucked a tag into each pocket, thinking it might be fun to glue a picture or write a love note onto each tag. 
I won't bore you with all of the pockets but I can tell you they were a blast to decorate and came together so quickly!
I went to town with laces & trims...
images & hearts...
and sparkle. Always lots of sparkle.
This one is my very favorite!
Once embellished, the whole thing was tied together with a big wide striped ribbon. 
I have to share my Target find- these darling battery-operated lights were only $5 and they're so cute when all lit up!


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