have a bee-autiful day...

Every morning I wake up with a smile- I've got 24 beautiful hours ahead of me... what will I do with my time? Hmmmm. 
As long as it's got something- anything- creative in it, it's a great day. It can be a day with paper & scissors or maybe some sugar, butter & eggs. A paintbrush & a piece of furniture is always fun, but so is fabric & thread. Doesn't really matter to me...
This calling card with the bee and pretty pink flowers was the perfect size for the swirly border die- Garden Terrace; by using it on both top and bottom, the only other thing it needed was a thin strip on each side to make it into a frame.
The entire thing was mounted onto some gold mirror card stock and layered over another layer of matted paper. It's a simple formula that makes quick work of putting together a card that looks more complicated then it truly is. I'll take that! 
I hope you have a beautiful day, no matter how you choose to fill it.



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