who will you be?

Be happy. Be bright. Be you.
Those are always good words to live by!
This began as an idea for a collage on canvas but I was too impatient to get up and go get one out of my stack, so... it turned into a card instead.
I'm having a good time using this decorative strip as an accent on projects! By layering it up end-to-end and then simply crossing wherever it meets a corner, it gives me a beautiful border every time. Cut from some gold card stock and it's perfect!
The pretty girl image is from a vintage cigarette ad and I simply added wings to her, along with some gold drops to look like earrings and a little sparkle on her crown. Pieces of chipboard in between each layer adds dimension and shadow... and now I'm sorry I didn't go find a canvas. That just might happen since I really like the look of this girl!

Be you. I'll be me. Lazy, lazy me.


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