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When creating art, it's my theory that you can never have too many layers! Can't you tell? The dimension it creates always makes me happy.
The Entwining Trellis die sets have many layers- you get not only the long decorative strip (the "entwining" part) but there are different styles of edging and many sizes of flowers, all in one set! For this card I used the Delicate Daisy set but also threw in some additional flowers from the Bellus Buttercup, for good measure.

It was easy to create a strip-like base on the card front, using my sewing machine and tucking in a little sheet music plus some diamond-patterned paper that would soon become something wonderful with my Nuvo Glitter Drops...
It was so quick to put down all those glittery drops- and the texture it adds is wonderful.
Machine stitching on paper always adds another great textural layer. Originally there were just 2 sets of flower petals, but like I mentioned earlier, more layers usually fit my style better!
Even the top of the dress form benefited from a few black Nuvo Crystal Drops to make a realistic looking post, as well as the flower centers using copper penny.

This was one of those projects that began as one idea and then completely changed by the time it was complete. Don't ever be afraid to go with the flow of the project- it knows where it wants to go, even if you don't!


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