she takes the cake...

It all started with a die.
I fell in love with the Musical Melody die and wanted to use it somewhere. It made me think of the song 'Happy Birthday To You'... 
Now, I have a very, very special friend that's got a birthday coming up so I figured I would make her a birthday cake from paper! 
That idea started to grow once I found all the paper mache boxes and before I knew it, it was towering high!
After all the boxes were covered in paper and stacked, there was a gap that showed. Chenille stem to the rescue! What a perfect filler.
The candles flames were made with more chenille stem, this time in gold. Every one of the little clowns had big black pom poms on their costumes and my Nuvo Crystal Drops added just the right dimension to them. 
They're liquid drops that remind me of enamel dots when dry. Easy as ever to use, they are self-leveling and dry absolutely solid and dimensional. Perfect for little round black pom poms!
Don't ask why I chose the pink fluffy metallic pom poms, they just made me happy.
Loads of trim, sparkle and fluff- the more, the merrier. After all, this is supposed to be a party.
I hope this makes her happy when she receives it, because...
She definitely takes the cake!


1 comment:

Marisa Job said...

What a beautiful project! Love it!!

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