Sometimes you stumble across a beautiful piece that just doesn't know yet that it is beautiful. Sometimes it has a twin!
A couple years ago I found a set of empty frames that were just lovely- but they were dirty and dull and just didn't realize how pretty they could be.
I'm no fan of the gold dry brushing over the carved edges. Not a fan at all.
Clean and fresh after a couple coats of white chalk paint. Much better!
Now comes the fun part- taking bits and pieces to make a pretty collage to fill it. The old-fashioned gold corners for photos always look so nice when used with vintage images.
I have lots of little pieces of trims and crocheted edgings that I hold onto- no matter how small- because you never know when just a couple inches will be the perfect addition.
Buttons always look their best with thread in them! And how can one ever go wrong with sheet music?? I mean, it's the perfect 'little black dress' for just about any project I've ever done. Keep some in your arsenal!
Best wishes to you on this beautiful Wednesday!


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