feather your nest...

Birds seem to pop up in my house everywhere. I never set out intentionally to do it, they just always look so happy. 

Now... I've actually got 2 real birds- a parrot we've had for 33 years and The Daughter's 9-year-old cockatiel. As sweet as they both are, neither one is gonna let me put a crown on it's head. darn.
This little bluebird was cute enough just the way he came to me but after living with him for awhile I decided to give him a simple makeover.
Chalk paint was just the ticket. Two coats and a quick glazing and it was already done! The original gold crown looked a bit dull after all this freshening up, so out came the glitter...
Aaah. Just what it needed.
Feather your nest with whatever makes you smile.


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