stickles love...

Truly. Stickles love... 
A few years ago you couldn't have convinced me that I'd be using glitter on everything I make. EVERYTHING. Didn't think I was that type of glittery-girly girl but, oh how wrong I was! 
I am asked at every class I teach- 'what color Stickles did you use on this?'  I stumble and stammer while trying to explain that I have, uh, a slight problem with the sparkly stuff. If people knew that I had this many bottles they'd think I was nuts. Maybe.
So an organization system is definitely needed here to coral all that glittery goodness. The bulk of my creative supplies is stored in those white 'cubes' that are part of the system that M's sells. Originally I had half a drawer set up for the tiny bottles but they were multiplying quicker than bunnies and eventually I was opening the drawer, dumping the new bottles in and desperately trying to close the drawer.
Last week I finally took the time to sit down and add more dividers to completely fill the drawer. It's easy to do- chipboard strips cut to the length/width of the drawer (it's a square) and I cut "notches" halfway up along one side of each strip. Next I nestled them one right on top of another until the entire drawer was done.
I also make a small sample circle of each color on white cardstock, cut out with a circle punch, and then glue it onto the bottom of the bottle. This keeps me from constantly having to pull the bottles out to see colors.

Oh yeah- did you notice that they're all upside down? Well if you didn't already know... it keeps the air bubbles out so that when you use them it eliminates the stupid 'blobs' that spurt out and ruin a project.
Now ya know.


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