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Going through photo files the other day, I ran across pics from one of the design team projects I did and realized that I hadn't posted it.
Part of the reason for not posting was because in my haste to get it turned in, I had forgotten to take photos at home when I finished it. Instead I had to take my photos in the store when I dropped it off- which meant there was terrible lighting, nothing to use for a backdrop other than my red purse and- here's the kicker- I missed the most important photo of all... the huge Melissa Frances birdcage that the entire thing was made from. Dumb me!!!
The inspiration for the entire thing was the mini pad of paper from 7Gypsies- all in wedding theme. I LOVED working with this paper!
There were some oversize tags included in my kit, a beautiful vintage chandelier crystal and extra goodies like the MF resin mini frames and charms, some metal keys, bits of lace trim. 

 I cut the automobile out of the paper pad, glittered it with Stickles (in platinum- my FAVORITE color ever) and layered it up with some chipboard onto the tag. Adding some vintage wedding photos I had and a piece of trim to the bottom, all that it needed was...
the chandelier crystal for some bling.
There were a lot of ephemera pieces in my kit so I used the entire pack to put several little books together. 
Keeping everything very simple, I just punched holes in the papers and used seam binding to tie them together. There were little charms that I added to the bow.
The teeny-tiny pictures in the frames were also cut from the paper pad.
The booklets had room to attach photos and little pockets that could hold mementos from a trip- the honeymoon, perhaps?
It's funny- when I originally opened up my project box I was perplexed to see 'wedding' as my theme. After all, I've been married for more than three decades so a newly married theme didn't seem like a first-choice for me! Once I began to sketch the design out though, it rolled out so smoothly. This entire project came together in just a couple hours- unheard of for me!
I actually hated to turn this one back to the store- it would have been fun to have kept it for The Daughter (for someday down the road... a long, LONG way down the road). 
Guess I'll just have to store the idea away for awhile!


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Daughter of Eve said...

If you ever open an Etsy shop, with kits for sale, I'll be a customer!

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