thirty one...

Time to bring out the photos of all your family members! OK, so if you don't happen to have any real witches in your family tree, why not make some and pretend?!!
All this little lady was missing was a witch hat so I decided to make one for her to wear. I had an image of a 'cabinet card' frame so I cut out the center and used it on top of a piece of sheet music. You can't see the actual dimension here but by layering the cabinet card about 1/4" from the sheet music you get a nice shadow effect.
I had a nice strip of orange & black paper that I'd just tossed into the garbage next to me and... it was the perfect size for the rosette die! Love the way the harlequin pattern turned out once the folds were pleated. The "31" and the witch hat were cut from heavy glittered paper.


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