home sweet home...

I love that word- it encompasses everything. Doesn't have anything to do with where you live... it's all about how. As long as you've got the people you love around you, things don't matter at all.
This vintage image of a home is so pretty- it's a cozy little cottage surrounded by beauty. I've no idea where it came from but it's been in my collection for years and it's always been fun to play with.
Small 'hangers' are great because you can hang them just about anywhere- on a door or cabinet knob, the on/off switch on a lamp, with a tiny removable adhesive hook attached to pieces of furniture, on just about anything that protrudes far enough to hold the tiny wire or ribbon it hangs from.
This piece looks great with the 'H' monogram popped up from the rest of the image. Especially love the pretty pink flowers when they're covered with sparkles.
A large yellow crystal bobbing from the bottom point is the perfect finishing touch.


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smokeysmom said...

Hi Terri! So glad to see you blogging again. I love the little hangers, too cute:)

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