Greetings to all!
It has been ages since the last time I posted. Life is crazy at times- and I love every minute of it. Sometimes it throws opportunity into your lap when you least expect it. 

This past year has been completely filled with teaching classes at some wonderful places, meeting new people, getting out and taking chances. I didn't really think I had any extra time but apparently my calendar had an empty date or two and before I knew it- I had become a vendor at not one, but two fabulous markets here in the bay area... Paris Flea Market (in Livermore) and Room With A Past (in Walnut Creek).
I have been working on a lot of framed pieces to sell there. This month's theme for me is the beach. After teaching a beachy banner I was smitten with all things 'vintage seashore'! 

Framed pieces are always a love for me- all layers and glittery shimmer. Adding lots of shells to the pieces made it really fun to put them together!
Here I used the same main image (the girl with hat) for 2 different pieces...
She's got a story to tell!


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