love you to bits...

I love collage. There's just something so fun about the layers- and layers, and more layers. You take a pile of what doesn't look like much and compose it into something that speaks to you.
I made this for a friend who needs a little 'pick me up'... I hope when she looks at this, she feels a little hug sent her way.
Small canvases (6x6) are my favorite. Tiny size, chunky base, beautiful texture. Vintage images (of course!) and layers of book paper, sheet music and color. Add some random stamping- don't worry if it comes out all wonky because IT WILL. That just adds to the look!
Love you to bits, my friend. You know who you are! 


1 comment:

Baroque duJour said...

such a gorgeous work of art, almost makes me cry, really heartfelt, reminds me of my sister and I. thanks for sharing your wonderful talent.

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