february journal pages... (part 1)...

In January, I started a book club... we're making something called 'Pieces of Life 2013'... it's kind of like a Project Life (my version- the EASY way!). I posted about it here and here.

It was so much fun to see what the girls had done to their January pages when they brought them to the last class. There are some very talented girls in this class- it's wonderful to share ideas with one another!

Here is our set of February pages...
Remember, the 'book paper' is the mat for photos. For this book I just hated plain white. I've also left some of the elements (like the little baker girl) unglued until I slip my photograph underneath her. If I didn't stick her down a bit I'd end up losing her before my classes were over... I know, I've done it before!
The pages/inserts are all different sizes. Makes life more interesting, don't you think?
This is the back side of the cherub insert. My photo is lousy- the clown girl really looks pretty all 'Stickle-d' up!
More pages to come tomorrow... Enjoy your Friday!

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