all bundled up...

I'm just having way too much fun making cards!
It's been sooooo very cold here... in the bay area we don't usually get very cold (I mean it's hardly ever cold enough to wear a real coat). We've been using the fireplace to keep the chill off the house, along with many cups of hot tea throughout the day. Some sun would sure be welcome!
So here I've got a little card with a Winter girl all bundled up nice and warm. The red embroidered trim I used is from about a million years ago when I worked at a fabric store as a teenager- I still love it!
Stay warm.


luci wallis said...

Beautiful cards I love the ribbon and bakers twine.

Cindy said...

OK. So you had me at the red. LOL. Great vintage image and I always love the way you mix patterns. Its fab. Cold here too. And we Texans don'l like that. LOL. But is supposed to be in the 70's next week. We will see. Stay warm my friend.


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