my favorite time of the year...

aaah... Fall.  I love Fall.
And finally it has come to the bay area. In a big way- with RAIN! Oh yeah, it's here all right.
So along with Fall comes all the holidays I love... Halloween and Thanksgiving.
I taught a little Halloween-themed class here a week or so ago and we made a set of framed pieces for the holiday. Here's the first in a of a set of 5-
Now, isn't this little girl a cutie? I thought so. Until my friend thought it reminded her a little too much of a clown. Aw, c'mon- she's cute and not clown-like at all. At least not to me.
So OK, I have to admit that I made Shelly a different kit that had a cute little witch instead.  **wink**
I wish I'd thought to take a photo of her finished piece because she did a great job and it turned out darling. Maybe next year I'll go with a witch them instead!
The pennant banner is my favorite part of the whole thing. I'd like to put them on everything.
Look out for black cats! 
Why does superstition have it that they're unlucky? I've had two and I loved them dearly- I think I was lucky to have known them.


Suzeqscraps said...

Very cute love it!!

Cindy said...

It is my favorite time of year too. I'm trying to savor as much as I can. Wanting more cooler weather to stick around for sure. Lovely lovely stuff you got going on here! :)


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