blackbirds & buttons...

Black birds of any kind just seem to scream 'Halloween', don't you think?
This little piece was really quick and easy to make... I wish you could see how much dimension the pieces have in the frame but my camera didn't quite understand what I wanted it to do! Every layer (the orange flower, the label, the bird and finally his wing) has chipboard separating it. So much fun to do.
Any time I can get buttons and bakers twine onto a project I'm happy!
Also got to use a flower-shaped die that has been sitting all lonely-like in my drawer.
And of course, I never met a project that didn't look a little more dressed up with some Stickles!

1 comment:

Cindy said...

I do love Blackbirds for Halloween. I don't know why they say Halloween to me, but they do. :)
This is adorable.


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